Pupadoo #2

To be honest, this was not planned. I have had thoughts of getting another dog, but those thoughts were looking into the future. The future as in a few years from now. But, things happen for strange reasons and here I am with a now 7 month old puppy. I named him Wilbur. He’s quite the ham!

Here is the story. There was a dog event a block away from where I lived for St. Patty’s Day. So I dressed Marla up a little in a green hat and a nice green scarf (I threw in a pic of that)and we went out for some solid dog interactions and some good food from the food trucks. The ASPCA had a booth there with three puppies in a crate. They were cute, but I kept walking. A coworker and close friend of mine came by and has been wanting a pup so he checked out one of the females and fell in love, even though she was already wanted by a few others. Trying to be helpful I suggest seeing the male, because nobody wanted him! I am pretty sure you can figure out the rest. It was basically puppy love at second sight!

After one more visit with the Wilbur in a different location and making sure Marla was good with him, I ended up taking him home a few days later. To top it off, my friend ended up with the female he originally wanted and our other friend/coworker ended up with the third female. We were able, in a way, to keep the family together.

As for their breed, their mother was a golden retriever and their father is unknown. It’s very tempting to do a doggy DNA test for both of my dogs, but for now it will remain a question. Both of my dog are mixes and they truly are the best. Below I’ve shared a few pictures of him and one with him and Marla. I am thinking he has a bit to grow yet, but for now I am enjoying the uncoordinated Wilbur. Don’t you worry, there will definitely be more Wilbur and Marla pictures to come in future posts!


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